Recent Updates
  • Arrangement of "The Ninety and Nine" 9/23
    This week's arrangement is another dulcimer hymn request, it's "The Ninety and Nine". I hadn't heard about this hymn before it was requested, but it's a fun hyn to play and I hope you all enjoy the arrangement!
  • Arrangement of "When the Saints Go Marching In!" 9/9
    It's been awhile since I wrote on my Dulcimer Hymnal Blog, but I'm back! In the last year, I started a new job, moved into a new house and most importantly got married! After life starts settling down a bit, I'll be posting free sheet music on the dulcimer hymnal on a regular bases. For now, I received a request for an arrangements of "When the Saint Go Marching In".
  • Dulcimer Hymnal in PDF format! 6/14
    I wanted to tell you all that the Dulcimer hymnal can be purchased as an ebook! Why? I personally use my electronic copy more than more paper copy because it can be viewed on a computer, laptop, ipad, kindle and nook...
  • Arrangement of "God Opens Wide His Hand" 6/11
    I know it's been awhile since I posted on, but better late than never. This week's arrangement is of a hymn I found online called "God Opens Wide His Hands”. The words could never be truer...
The Dulcimer Hymnal is an effort to give the mountain dulcimer the same quality music that a piano or organ hymnal would have. The arrangements were written to resemble the original keyboard versions as close as possible, by retaining the original melodies, harmonies and chord inversions as best as possible. All the hymn tablature is arranged for the standard DAD tuning and can be used for solo or ensemble playing.